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brian lee hughes functionality loneliness thee oh sees

Hey guys, just a heads up that there's some Soundcloud stuff so you can listen to one song off the records in the store now. Totally subjective faves, enjoy and comment on em or whatever, that's a nifty function. Here's a photo of Brian Lee Hughes playing a bar video game with Petey Dammit.    Dog Poison is coming along and shall ship as soon as we can. There's still a few colored vinyl copies left so if you're into it grab one soon....

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from portugal, courtesy of JPD

There's been talk around the campfire about asking people to submit Castle Face-es, and then the above popped up in my inbox. We've had a different logo for each release and we have a voracious appetite for them, turns out. All of them so far have been drawn by buddies or on the spot when we didn't have anything, but we'd like to see what people come up with, so if you're into it, send us something! Maybe we'll put it on a record! Don't get mad if we don't, though :)  4:20, PLUR, thanks, over and out, CF

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Mallard limited edition laggin'

Hey y'all, just a heads up that the Mallard colored vinyl took a little bit longer than anticipated. Also, if you haven't already ordered Ty on colored vinyl, I'm sorry but it's all out. It caught me by surprise how quick they went, thanks! It's looking like the Mallard discs won't ship out til the 16th. Sorry but thems the breaks for now, so please be patient. :) Working on the art for Son of Flex now, it's looking tweaked and awesome. Get ready for a mind meld.  <3 Matt 

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New Site

Hi, and welcome to our new site. Big ups to John Reed for helping us set it up. We'll be posting more here as things happen in the universe.    Love, Castle-Face

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