Castle Face Records

Burnt Ones

Burnt Ones Castle Face buds for years (you may remember their killer rendition of "Heroin" from our Velvet Underground covers record or their killer track "Strawberry Tomb" that closed out Son Of Flex), Burnt Ones have finally given us an LP. We're very honored to present their third record "Gift", which may be a bit of a surprise to fans of the band on first listen - it's far more psychedelic than their previous work, a potent blend of wide-eyed strummers on shifting sands, punctuated by blinking oscillators, left turns into wispy sound collage and tape manipulations, drug-rug wrapped lushness and telephone whispers from a supremely stoned sounding Tester, our guide through this cultish and at times vaguely sinister headphone-scape. It's out on Castle Face March 24th.