Castle Face Records



“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in life it’s this: don’t buy drugs from strangers on the street while wasted. A simple yet effective rule. Evidently no one told these reckless Texans, OBN III’s (pronounced Oh Bee En Threes). Meet the boys -

Orville Bateman Neeley III: (vocals) No stranger to a fatted lip. A feral Southern boy. Like a better looking version of the kid with the boomerang from Road Warrior. Hilarious, strong, and all game, all the time. A little bit early ZZ Top, a little bit Kiss, and a face-fuck of Stooges.

Tommy “Too Stoned” (lead guitar): A born shredder who is such an earnest and good dude I can’t figure out a way to make fun of him. He is all over this record jumping out of the speakers like a fucking sword.

Marley (drums): a total burnin’ drummer, and he called our merch person Cameron for the whole month, even though her name is Carmen.

Graham (bass): plugged a toilet and let me get blamed for it. a fucking animal. 

Jason (guitar): A platinum blonde and apparently a great dancer, stands out from the pack as the odd duck.

Andrew (guitar): So I keep seeing this beautiful young girl wandering around SXSW with double raccoon style black eyes as I’m wandering aimlessly around. Shortly after I hear that Andrew gave them to her at an OBN III’s show, when he jumped off a PA speaker and knocked his coconut into hers. Same dude, weeks later on the road, meets a stranger on the street and leaves with him to buy drugs…only to return later sans drugs and lighter 80 bucks. 

These dudes are animals, period."

John Dwyer