“Hard to pin down, harder to hold onto 
Bent circuit board snake charmers unfurl across hexagonal grids.
A seemingly familiar sound but then you realize you have your ear pressed against a reflection 
Sunwatchers are a distorted prism to so many past greats
Reminiscent of Ethiopiques, John Handy Band, Terry Riley, Art Ensemble meets Laddio Bolocko
Forever swirling saxophone blended belly to belly with elastic guitar and tin foil thin phin (a thai instrument not unlike an electrified tenor guitar or sitar)
A whirlpool of repetitious interpretations
Militaristic marches ascend into meditations
These songs map out great pyramids and deep buried labyrinths 
They are massive 
They are leviathans
A comprised of NYC improv heavy hitters:
Jim McHugh: Guitar, Electric Phin
Peter Kerlin: Bass
Jeff Tobias: Alto Sax
Cory Bracken: Vibes, Percussion
Jason Robira: Drums
and sitting in are:
Dave Harrington: Guitar, Synth
Ben Greenberg: Guitar
Dave Kadden: Keyboard
Jonah Rapino: Fiddle
Notable previous projects include Dark Meat, Arthur Doyle’s New Quiet Screamers, NYMPH, and Chris Forsyth's Solar Motel Band
AND with amazing cover painting of Handsome Jimmy Valiant by artist Scott Lenhardt
A strange but somehow sensible match made in heaven 
Dream machinery 
Just plain far out 
Look for traces of this one in your brain jelly afterwards 
cheers” - John Dwyer