John Dwyer - Vinegar Mirror

John Dwyer - Vinegar Mirror

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Announcing a re-issue of John Dwyer’s book of photographs, Vinegar Mirror

May we present for your perusal, a coffee table collection of film photos from 2009-2013 by Oh Sees frontman, Castle Face co-conspirator, and all around restless artistic presence John Dwyer. John seemed to always be pulling out a camera around then and these flicks function as a technicolor joyride through his universe in San Francisco and beyond, with his jackal’s smirk from behind the lens all but palpable in these pages. Tour snaps, blackmail fodder, candid camaraderie, and the ringing echo of maniacal laughter await you within. Originally printed in a limited quantity by San Francisco clothing shop and live music incubator Vacation, we’ve dusted it off for wider release for those that never got the chance…

ISBN: 970578633190

225 pages, full color 7” x 7”